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Ryan Fisher



  • Higher Ed: Science, Higher Ed: Education 


Science educator with much interest in teaching introductory college biology to majors and non-majors.

Research interests largely meiobenthic - especially marine nematodes. 


Marine nematode ecology 


Buttner, J., R. Fisher, M. Fregeau, S. Weston and I. Sunila. 2010. Epibionts on the siphons of softshell clams, Mya arenaria, in a FLUPSY: Species, prevalence and management. Journal of Shellfish Research 29: 546. Abstracts from the 30th Milford Aquaculture Seminar.

Contributing author in: Scully, Tara. A., 2009. Discovering Biology in the Lab " An Introductory Lab Manual. WW Norton and Company. New York.

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Fisher, R. (2003). Ciliate Hitchhikers " nematode ecto-commensals from tropical Australian sea grass meadows, Journal of The Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 83: 445-446.

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